ULedgerNET is a managed blockchain infrastructure specifically designed to handle both intra- and inter-organizational blockchain business processes.
Powered by ULedger's patented Cross-Merkelization (XM) technology, ULedgerNET enables the creation of permanent, independent, multi-party records of any type of data, including electronic records, images, contracts, journal entries, emails, IoT sensor data, and rich media files.
Due to ULedgerNET's unique blockchain architecture, clients can expect:
  • Simple, efficient and seamless integrations with existing data infrastructures; implementing blockchain-enabled systems has never been easier
  • Enhanced data privacy, integrity, and protection as data does not have to be exposed to external parties in order to be validated and irrefutably authenticated
  • Lightning-fast, energy-efficient transactions without the hassle of dealing with expensive gas fees
  • Excellent network performance no matter what the overall blockchain network usage looks like
One day, every business will be running on top of revolutionary Web3 solutions and realizing more equitable, transparent, and sustainable business practices. With ULedgerNET, that reality starts today.

Getting Started

To get connected to ULedgerNET, please check out the GoKart API in the next section.
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