Assigning/Removing Permissions

if you have selected an organization role, you will be able to modify the permissions to your convenience.
Browse through all available permissions using the search bar or by inspecting the table pagination and select the ones you need to enable for that role. To enable/disable a permission on a organization role click on the switch of each permission.
To make it easy to disable or enable all permissions, you can click Enable All and Disable All buttons.
Lastly to apply changes click on Save Changes
For permissions to take effect, users with the role assigned must sign out and sign back in to reflect changes.
Some permissions have a hierarchical dependency. If a permission relies on a setting that is disabled, then it cannot be enabled. Similarly, if other permissions rely on a setting that you would like to disable, you will not be able to disable it.

Permission Dependency Matrix

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Reset Password for Organization Users
Create and send a password reset ticket via email to the selected user.
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Manage Role Permissions
Add or remove permissions for a specific role. Each added or removed permissions creates a request to the API.
View Roles,View Role Permissions
Change Status of Organization Users
Change a user's status to active/inactive. If inactive, the user will not be able to sign in.
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Send an organization invite to a user. The invite will be sent to his email.
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