GoKart API


The GoKart API is the bridge between the ULedgerNET blockchain protocol and the outside world. It serves as an intuitive all-purpose middleware that can be used to pull block metadata as well as read and write transactions to the blockchain. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless management of data streams, to assure full and real-time duplex communication.


The GoKart API is built using the Go programming language and uses the REST API standard. It uses a complete state-of-the-art docker cluster serverless architecture, which scales up whenever transaction loads increase significantly and scales down whenever peak loads have dissipated.
The API has two interfaces: HTTP and WebSockets, allowing for both traditional HTTP communication and full duplex, real-time data streaming. Built using Go, it takes advantage of native, unparalleled multi-thread technology, allowing for massive scalability with minimal hardware requirements.

GoKart API Modules


The transactions module is used to create transactions, fetch all or individual transaction details, and search for transactions.


The blocks module allows the retrieval of all existing blocks in the blockchain.